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Castle Breakout review: What's new in this game that would make it a hit?

The game mainly involves about checking a castle's defence system by solving series of puzzle which is provided to you. It's not really that hard since at first there will be guides, so room by room, you can easily unlock and solve the puzzles.

The game is pretty interactive with its puzzle-solving approach. You get to pick up some items in one room to use it in solving a puzzle on another room. You can easily check your inventory and test if which item is ideal to be used in solving a puzzle on another room.

The setup is actaully a medieval castle, so you'll get to see the same display just like on the "Game of Thrones". There will 10 rooms in total, each with puzzles that you need to solve in order to move to the next one.

The game is actually a good time killer. It doesn't really promise a blood-rushing like game for adrenaline junkie gamers, but pretty much it's there to entertain and well, kill some of your time.

The game Castle Breakout is not real…

Mahjong Mystery review: The twist and the excitement

This game is not really about the game "Mahjong". You might have pictured out some tiles and sticks, baize table, and elderly group playing. This game is simply about matching pairs, with pictures on a Mahjong blocks. Easy and straightforward.

With a few hours of gaming, the game will excite you and pretty much, entertain you. It's not really giving the thrill like a real mahjong game, however it will give you this urge to reach the next stage as your game progress.

As a way to make the game "not boring", as you go up on each stage, the level will also get more difficult and harder.
Basic designs will show up with a little alteration with another tile. It can be through the color, an added design or a little item that makes it different from the other tile.
This game will pretty much enhance your concentration and the ability to identify simple differences with the design.
And this ends our review for Mahjong Mystery. It's a basic game for "Pairs"…

How Mika Mobile mocked the very first hero from the famous game Battleheart 2

The game Battleheart 2 is releasing in a few months and just to gather some attention from the RPG gamers community, Mika Mobile came up with a good strategy by mocking heroes from the games. The first to be "pranked" is Natsuko, a samurai character.

A quick review: Natsuko was abandoned by her family and grew up without them. This hero was found and trained by a Ronin who managed to train her with Sword and samurai. This character can also be used as a tank, but she doesn't have any noticeable armors and would depend on the swiftness to win.

The game Battleheart 2 will be out in a few months, and it's time to learn more about its featured heroes Just like with other games, the hero on this one has 3 main skills to use. We have counter skills, 2nd attack and ultimate skills.

With Natsuko's game preview, you can see that her ultimate skill, will showcase a huge damage to 1 target. It will also result the opponent to lose HP for eight seconds. Ideal for cleaning a…

Dragon Raja review, our initial comments

If you are a game developer, your two main goals is either creating something new and unique, or interpret and "enhance" an already existing videogame.

The game, Dragon Raja, is somewhat on the latter choice basing from the developer's moves. If you have been playing MMORPG, then most likely you'll need the same knowledge and gameplay with this game.

Now for the good knowledge, this game is based from a famous Korean fantasy novels. The game's heroes will be based on the novel with powers and abilities with no difference like other MMORPGs.

As a start, you get to use a main hero. This is to let you get a grip with Dragon Raja's gameplay. Just like in any other MMORPGs, this character will be used to familiar the gameplay and how it works. Eventually, as you progress with the game, you get to unlock other characters that you can join in your team.

This game has a total of 20 characters to control. Needless to say, each character has his own unique skillsets.

Star Wars: Rivals Game Review, a new Third Person Shooter

The big bosses in the industry, Disney and Lucasfilm announced their new game Star Wars: Rivals. This will be an exciting third person shooter showcasing the main characters of the movie.

What makes this game even better is that it is Online-based. So you'd expect a lot of people playing from different parts of the world. In this game, you will select your team of characters and bring them to the battlefront with another opponent.

The gameplay involves about envading your enemy's base, using some tactics and way to strategically eliminate your opponent's characters. During the battle, you can interchange characters, depending on the situation and the ability that you need.

Star Wars: Rivals, the new online third person shooter With this game, you get to play almost all of the characters that you will find from the movie franchise. Each character will be unlocked as you progress with the game.

Aside from the characters that you get to "unlock", as you progress wi…