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Be Ready For The Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission: Impossible Fallout, the movie that will bring Tom Cruise back on the big screen this year. Once again, IMF agent Ethan Hunt will be challenged from the corrupt leaders whom he follows.  Aside from being very popular movie in action genre, the next chapter of Mission: Impossible would soon reveal another people in the government that will do anything just to remove Ethan Hunt from IMF. As of now, the there are plenty of promotional campaign about the movie and people are so excited to watch it. We will get to see Tom Cruise back to his great stunt and action that will make us loss our breath. As we all know Mission Impossible movies used to give us wonderful story and surprises aside from showing some impossible feat.

Every time they make a movie like this, it seems that they are always lucky. Aside from having Tom Cruise as the main protagonist, the movie also brings good plot and great cast. Right now we have a seen a new great actor in the movie just like Henry Cavill who plays Super-Man and Justice League. This time around, Cavill will play the role of August Walker who is given a mission to hunt down Ethan Hawk. In the trailer Ethan and Walker fights toe on toe in a great action and brawl which makes the movie more awesome. It is just so natural for Tom Cruise to do this stunt and great action like fighting and learning about high technology and complicated device with the help of secret agents who has been there for him in the past Mission Impossible movie. Furthermore, we will be expecting that this movie will bring Ethan Hawk to do some great stunts such as piloting helicopter, car racing, skydiving, bungee jumping and many more amazing skills and stunts Tom Cruise is capable of. Of course, the company will give more Cruise plenty of bucks of this. We all know that Tom Cruise is willing to do stunts as long as it is possible for him.

The idea about Mission Impossible: Fallout appears to be a continuation of the past entries of the movie franchise series. Although the first five Mission Impossible movies have different episode and concept, this time around Fallout appears to be a sequel of the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Well, this is because the director of Fallout was also the director of the Rogue Nation, the guy Christopher MacQuarrie; who always directed plenty of movies where Tom Cruise is the main protagonist.

This is going to be a great movie because Mission: Impossible Fallout will reveal some story from the previous movie of MI. We will get see who are those people who wants Hunt dead and who are those people he can really trust in his mission. Imagine that you are sacrificing everything just for the sake of your country and the peace of the world. The government who hires Ethan Hunt is also the ones disown, disavow and betray him, but still he continues to work and fall himself from any trap. Maybe this time around, he will get those people who want to jeopardize his life because they knew Ethan Hunt will do anything in his power to stop them.
If you are excited to watch this movie, well, we all do. This is very amazing because we will soon find out who are those people who are really helping Ethan in his mission. We will be expecting great twists so make sure to buy tickets earlier so that you will have a great spot to watch the movie in the local theater near. If you can’t watch the movie in the theater you can also use the Internet to local for trusted source which are authorized by the company to stream this movie.

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